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Krawaller Proudly Presents Golingo

Hey folks!

We’re very proud to announce our first app on the App Store - Golingo.


What started out as a simple board game in a cosy café is now a full featured and oh-so-funny digital adaption of the very same. OK, so it’s a nice app and all, but what is there to be excited about for a web dev as yourself? Here’s a list for ya:

  • Not a single line of Objective-C written, courtesy of Titanium Mobile
  • Only one (!) image ingame - the rest is CSS3 magic
  • Fluid gameplay thanks to CSS Transitions and Animations
  • All logic using pure, beautiful JavaScript
  • Multitouch draggables using iPhone Touch API
  • Logic encapsulated using Low Pro - meaning split screen mode was easy pie
  • jQuery 1.4.2 for development speed (and sanity of developer)
  • CouchDB as highscore storage, with storage logic in JavaScript
  • Predictable randomness means replayable games, all courtesy of excellent seedrandom

How sweet is that? Well, quite a lot, but it’s not enough. Here comes an even sweeter treat for you - we’re planning to write an in depth post fleshing out all the details about the development, from idea to implementation. And on top of that, we’ll open source the whole code, so you can see just how easy and beautiful it can be to create awesome apps. How about that?

Oh, and in the upcoming versions we’re planning to implement both local multiplayer using bonjour, and online multiplayer using nodejs and WebSockets. These are exiting times…


Objective-C: 0

HTML5, JavaScript and CSS3: 2


…to be continued