Three recommendations on good instructional video resources

Instructional video recommendations

Tags: reduxcss3

Functional programming in JavaScript with MPJ

Mattias Petter Johansson, usually going by the handle mpj, has a really excellent tutorial series going on YouTube. In bite-sized videos he covers various aspects of programming in general and functional programming in particular, not just with code but answering the often-skipped why. Spiced up by Mattias' theatrics the videos are every bit as entertaining as they are educational!

Here's an episode I found especially interesting where Mattias highlights the sometimes overlooked cost of function extraction:

CSS3 videos by Webucator

Webucator is a company selling in-person training, but they also have lots of instructional videos freely available on their YouTube channel covering a bunch of different topics.

I've especially enjoyed their CSS3 line, to which they recently added a video version of our flexbox tournament bracket post:

Redux videos on by Dan Abramov

When I first started learning React I was very grateful for the initial boost I got from's series on React. Now they've published a series on Redux, created by none other than Redux creator Dan Abramov. And they even made all 30 videos available for free, as opposed to their usual (understandable) practice of locking the latter parts behind the Pro subscription paywall!

So if you haven't already watched them, or consider yourself a Redux Jedi master of all, there's absolutely no reason not to go devour them all right now as it is really good stuff!